4×5 Pinhole Camera

This is a dual 3″ and 6″ focal length camera with pinholes mounted front and back, separated by the 4×5 film holder slot, located in front of the handle.








8×10 Pinhole Camera

Based roughly on large format, view-camera design, this camera has three focal length attachments (two of which are visible).  The 12″ attachment is seen mounted on the rear for a standard focal length,  and a 6″ attachment on the front for a mid-range wide angle  (only one of which would actually be used during the picture-taking process.)  A 3″ attachment (not seen) is used for extreme wide angle shots. The slot  located at the middle is for the ground glass viewing screen and 8″ x 10″ film holders.






Hexagonal, Six Pinhole Camera

This camera has six pinholes that can be used either sequentially or simultaneously. As a result, it can produce up to a 360 degree panorama image.  Film is mounted on various interchangeable cylinders or flat-planed boxes in the interior, depending on the intended composition.

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